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Get more Leads for your Business with Lead Generation Process.

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Convincing a consumer to buy a product or service is the most challenging step for a provider.In the era of competition between the products or service providers the Lead Generation Process in Digital Marketing helps you get the best leads for your product or service. 

Lead generation in digital marketing helps in attracting customers and making them interested in buying your products or services.These customers are also called leads of your business.

In the time of technology leads are generated through networking events, social media, ads and many other ways which get connected with your business but the most important place of lead generation is your website. The visitors of your website become leads of your business by taking actions also known as conversion such as :

  • Subscribing to your email list.
  • Grabbing your lead magnet.
  • Signing up for a webinar.
  • Starting a free trial. 

Whether you try to get subscribers to promote your digital products or having an ecommerce store with items for sale, generating leads is the most essential part for success.To get an effective lead generation process that generates real leads let’s know some simple plan that you can use each time you want create a lead generation campaign :

  1. Determine your need : To get an effective lead generation there are 3 main parts you will need to know before you start generating leads : 
  • Optimize your SEO site.
  • Select an Email Service Provider.
  • Decide how to capture Emails.

2. Choose an Email Service Provider (ESP) according to your budget which is easy to use and provides features that you want and integrates easily with your site’s plugins.Many ESP offers many tools like:

  • Subscriber Profile.
  • Multiple Email Lists.
  • Automated Emails.
  • Analytics.
  • Design options.

3. Lead Generation through Email Marketing : Email marketing is one of the most effective ways of attracting new users,building brand loyalty and converting customers by growing your email lists and engaging customers with great content.

4. Capture Every Email : Make your website easy to subscribe and ask every visitor of your website to sign up for your email list by using multiple types of Optin Offers to grab attention and capture email.

5. Monitor your metrics : Use the analytics provided by your email service provider to experiment, split test, and discover the interest of your customers.Some of the important metrics to watch are:

  • Subscription rates.
  • Open rates.
  • Click through rates.
  • Abuse reports.
  • Social performance.


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