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How Facebook Advertising is the Secret Ingredient to a Successful Business?

Social Media Marketing

Facebook is no longer a simple social media platform for post-sharing and texting with your friends. With revolutionary updates and features, Facebook has become one of the most important and successful tools for Marketing in today’s Digital era. With more than 5 billion active users, Facebook is one of the oldest and most used social media. Ignoring this huge number of active users available to target and promote your business will make you look stupid enough. But before you get started, it is important to understand the advantages of Facebook Advertising and how to do it effectively. 

In this blog, We will give you in-depth knowledge of Facebook and how to use it for Advertising.

Thinking imageWhy use Facebook for Marketing?

Different people have different reasons to visit and engage with social platforms. As stated, with nearly 5 billion active users, some visit social media for entertainment content, to share photos and moments, and to keep up with family and friends, while others engage to follow or research brands and products or to keep themselves updated with current news and trends. So, it is important to research and define your target audience for an effective marketing strategy. 

Apart from allowing users to post and share pictures or communicate with friends and family, Facebook has become one of the most popular advertising platforms for business, behind Google, providing a variety of advertising formats from carousels to videos to Stories to sponsored posts. The “pay-per-click” model, which is widely used and has grown to be the main platform for online advertising, is behind the advertising approach used by Facebook. The benefits of Facebook advertising, which include its low cost, high effectiveness, and quick delivery time are also the reasons PPC is essential.

Guide To Facebook Advertising

Facebook is all about delivering your message to your target audience. With a variety of Social Media platforms on the rise such as TikTok, Instagram, and more, Facebook gives you the opportunity to connect with nearly 3 Billion people which is almost 30% of the world’s population and growing, and for many marketers, being able to advertise on Facebook properly is still an essential skill. 

So, how does this work?

Facebook advertising is basically paid posts that help you promote your product or service to Facebook Users through users’ feeds, Stories, Messenger, Marketplace, and more. So, it’s absolutely essential to have a solid strategy before investing any money! 

Facebook runs ads and targets the audience based on their:

  • Social characteristics.
  • Locality
  • Priorities
  • Other Profile Details. Facebook Ads Targeting Strategy Typography

Ads on Facebook appear like any other normal posts but always have a label indicating “Sponsered” and provide many more features than simple ads like a Click To Action(CTA) button, links, and product catalog which helps the target users to engage with the advertisement easily. Business Marketers choose a spending limit for their advertisements and set estimates for every click or thousand ad impressions. Facebook advertising expenses will depend on a number of things, such as:

    • Targeting Exact Audience: Advertising to a smaller audience based on, Gender, Age, Location, Interests, and more that suit best for your business needs usually costs more but is more beneficial than advertising to a larger one.
    • Placement of Ads: The cost of advertising that is displayed on Facebook and Instagram may change. 
    • Time Span of the Ads Campaign: The final estimates of the cost will depend on the days and hours of running the ads.
    • The amount of competition in your particular industry: The cost of advertising space increases depending on the competition of some industries.
    • The Season: Advertising expenses can fluctuate during events specific to a given industry, holidays, and other seasonal changes.
    • The Hour of the Day: The Cost Per Click(CPC) usually drops lowest between midnight and 6 a.m. in any timezone.
    • Region: The cost of advertising differs between regions.

Customizing your ads campaign keeping in mind the above-mentioned variable ads factor will help you manage your ads cost as well as increase your success rates. Facebook also provides a wide range of Ad formats which makes it more valuable than other social platforms. Marketers can select the most effective ad formats to achieve their objectives, such as:

    • Image Ads: Whether you want to increase the sale of your newly launched products or services, or want to increase the popularity of your brand, you can leverage the benefits of Image Ads at any level of sales funnel. Image advertisements are easy to set up and let you promote your products, services, and brands that can be shown in a single image. 
    • Video Ads: Similar to Image Ads, Video ads also helps marketer share their message across different ad type, and placement and promote their products, services, and brands in a single video. Video Ads are mostly used to demonstrate a product, or tutorial or promote moving elements. Video Advertising may be time-consuming or sometimes more expensive compared to Image Ads or Carousel Ads but is more visually appealing and usually more engaging.
    • Carousel Ads: Carousel Ads are mostly used for showcasing multiple products or services allowing you to separate a series of products or services across different sections of your carousel with its own headline, description, and linking separate landing page for that specific product or service.
    • Instant Experience Ads: Facebook Instant Experience Ads(Previously known as Canvas Ads) are like a mini web page of Facebook specifically designed for mobile users to engage with your promoted content by clicking, swiping, and panning through a combination of video, pictures, and text elements. Instant Experience Ads provides a website-like experience on Facebook Mobile faster than a standard mobile website which helps you reduce the loading time and abandonment issues. If you are launching new products, want to share your brand’s story, or developing an extensive campaign, Instant Experience Ads is a great option to consider for a better chance of engagement.
    • Collection Ads: Facebook Collection Ads is like an immersive carousel designed for mobile users that helps to capture the attention of mobile shoppers and provide them with a seamless experience to shop, browse, and discover your product lineup in a more engaging manner. Collection Ads are more useful for larger businesses that provide a variety of products or services to sell than for small businesses with limited products.
    • Lead Ads: Lead ads are also designed for mobile devices that helps you to easily collect newsletter subscription, sign up for trials, or allow users to ask for more information from you about your product or service without typing a lot.
    • Slideshow Ads: Facebook slideshow ads deliver the message of brands, products, or services by creating a slideshow combining up to 20 static images or video clips that you already have posted on Facebook or by uploading a new one. Slideshow ads are less time-consuming and fast to load even with slow internet connectivity which makes it a great choice for marketers.
    • Stories Ads: Stories Ads are customized for mobile users and made up of Videos, Images, or Carousel that can be viewed in full portrait screen, allowing viewers to engage with your content without even rotating the screen. The downside of Stories Ads is that it is not published in Facebook Feeds like other Facebook ads which limits the views as not everyone can see these ads as much as other Facebook Ads Formats.
    • Messenger Ads: Messenger Ads are one of the most result-driven ad formats in case of interacting with your target audience. Approx 80% of Facebook users are active in Messenger for chatting with their friends and family, and Messenger ads are displayed among their conversations where users can easily tap on the ads and start conversations and interact with your brands.

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