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How Pay Per Click Marketing Works ?

Pay per click

Pay Per Click Marketing or PPC Marketing is a method for purchasing visits to your site, instead of attempting  to “gain” those visits organically. In PPC Marketing advertisers need to pay a fee each time a visitor clicks their ads. It is one of the most effective ways of gaining profit for your business in the digital marketing world. Pay-per-click is considered as one of the best online marketing tools that can generate a good  Return On Investment(ROI)


Pay Per Click is commonly connected with first-level web indexes such as Google Ads, Amazon Advertising and Microsoft Advertising formerly Bing Ads. .Each time there is an advertisement spot on a Search Engine Results Page (SERP), a momentary auction happens for the Keywords. To build a winning PPC Campaign, research and selecting the right keywords are very essential parts along with organizing those keywords into well-organized campaigns and ad groups. A mix of numerous variables, including bid amount and the quality of the promotion, choose the winner who will show up in the top spot of the Search Engine Result Page. 


Some of the main Key factors for an effective PPC campaign that will bring new visitors to your site are :


  • Keywords : Keywords lie at the focal point of PPC, interfacing advertisers to users’ search queries.Like SEO,the most essential part of a good PPC campaign is the Targeted keyword. The matching keywords that you compose into the promotion itself and onto your  landing page attract those viewers in as your potential customers.


  • Ads : Ads are very important to get right, as ads are what the users will see on the Search Engine Result Page if the auction is won. The main parts of Ads are 
    • Headline
    • URL
    • Description 
  • Budgets & Bids : In Order to take an interest in the auction, advertisers need to choose the amount they’re willing to spend on a given keyword. This is done using Budget & Bids. 


  • AD Rank : Search Engines looks at different elements to figure out which ads should be at the top and most significant spot on the Search Engine Result Page. The more you rank up in the Result Page the more visitors you get.


  • Targeting : Picking the correct Keywords is the thing that allows advertisers to show ads to relevant audiences. There are different targeting options available to optimize campaigns which are very important because various varieties of ad copy might perform better for one group of users than another.


  • Conversion : Conversions are the action that promoters need clients to finish after clicking on advertisements, and rely upon the kind of business being advertised such as : 
    • Purchasing a service.
    • Signing up for a newsletter.
    • Placing a phone call.


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